Swatting at Gadflies
The University of Arizona administration tries to shut down its Journalism Department. Tucson Weekly cover story.

Ides of March, 2000
One month before the dotcom bubble burst, ignoring profitability looked like a dangerous game.

Gay in Tucson
Two straight reporters at the Arizona Daily Star take a groundbreaking three-part look at the gay community in Tucson, the organizations formed to advance gay liberation and the state laws that affect them. Nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.

Seasons on the Net
In the real world, seasons affect retail sales. How much of that carries over to selling online?

Technology: Get Over It
Creative Good preaches the gospel of simplicity in the customers' experience at early e-commerce Web sites.

Mindreading software
Clicks, pauses and page sequence help this software determine what customers have in mind and deliver what the customer probably wants.

Humble Message for All Your Surfaces
A company's personality is reflected in the company's contact with the rest of the world, from the voice answering the telephone to the logo on business cards and the products themselves.

The Shrinking Desert
Long-range transportation plans and decades of rapid urban growth have experts scurrying to the drawing boards in Tucson, AZ.
Nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.
Arizona Press Club series writing first prize.


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