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Creative director résumé

Mad at Ma Bell (streaming video)
Attorney Mark Montijo takes to television to get back at the phone company for leaving him out of the Yellow Pages. Here's what Gold Images did about it, and the coverage it got from CBS News.

Heavenly Support
Introducing live, on-line technical support that adjusts users' computers across the Internet. Outstanding achievement award as most memorable ad in June '98 HP Professional magazine.

Giant competitor expelled
Upstart Artisoft's LANtastic network makes the grade for simple usability, replacing networking golliath Netware at this private Texas school.

Go Vote!
Running for his eleventh term in the U.S. House of Representatives after an unsuccesful run for President, legendary Congressman Mo Udall takes the back page of the University of Arizona student newspaper to recall his campus glory days.

Foothills Fantasy
Foothills fantasy of home and family in a prestigous foothills housing development overlooking city lights.

Get a pool without getting soaked
A cost-effective way to building a swimming pool in 109-degree Tucson.

Artisoft network software goes radio   §Audio link
In the continuing—and successful—battle to gain ground on Novell, a playful voice and quirky sound effects tout the virtues of file and printer sharing the LANtastic way.

"In a military town, Mr. C's sets itself as the out-of-uniform choice for men looking sharp. "§Audio link

Escape the stereo jungle.
An innovative business model helps with the consumer's lack of tech sophistication and circumvents the fear of ripoff.


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