Words as crystalized thought

Words are as close as we humans come to thoughts frozen in crystal.

Writing reaches for essence. We reach for well-chosen words.

Clarity comes first. Then comes voice, a me-to-you tone that invites a reader to think. Think about an honest product with real value.

Joe Gold is a writer, seasoned over more than 20 years as an award-winning reporter, creative director, technology visionary, progressive crusader and marketing strategist,

Gold Images was Joe Gold's advertising agency. Today he consults on marketing strategy and editorial content. Joe has a way with words. He finds elegantly simple ideas that speak to customers' hearts and minds.

Walk through Joe Gold's portfolio and interactive résumé. Find well-chosen words in articles, advertising, product collateral and Web content, always aimed at fostering understanding.

Then contact Joe Gold to weave well-chosen words into your message.

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